Boozey Du Fest Compilation Cassette

by Achtung Everybody!



17 tracks from the 17 bands who played boozey du fest, features several previously unreleased songs, cover versions, and bbc sessions

We sadly had to pull out of the gig, but we're still on the tape.


released January 5, 2011

Released by Not Shy of the DIY




Achtung Everybody! UK

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Track Name: ...Then Fight, We Must!
You clock in, you clock out, get home, tv on, crash out.
Tune in, turn up, shut down, switch on, switch off.

You don't care, you traded free thought for a simple life.
I despair, you see no alternative to jobs, kids, wife.

Ever wonder if there's something more, do you even care?
Can't you see past, in front of you, that televisual vacant stare.

Don't you see, I don't want to feel like I have to do this.