Cohesive Communities Split 7"

by Achtung Everybody!



Split 7" with Soutport, Offshore Radio and Serf Combat


released March 27, 2008




Achtung Everybody! UK

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Track Name: Broken Stars and Biomass
Jaded punk this one's for you
Don't get too wound up in past glories.
It's all the same, it's cyclical
Didn't we learn not to judge what we don't understand?

Remember '92, maybe '94. I was just like them, those kids we just saw

Time will sort the wheat from the chaff
Where it's in their hearts they'll keep coming back
and bands will come and go
Those with substance last longer than a trend
Rebellion takes many forms
Sometimes compromise will open doors
Maybe our scepticism we should suspend
Those we belittle we should befriend

15 years forever
15 years and counting...

Still hang to your ideals and the views that make you, you.
But don't turn your back on something new.